22 July 2011

Thrifted: Hello there Vivitar

Hello readers!
Yesterday I did  a little thrifting with my Grandma around Independence. We went to the new huge 'Thrift World', and although I found a few treasures, my overall opinion is they are a bit pricey. Luckily the items I was after were on the lower end this time. We went to a few other thrift stores that we usually hit on our thrifting days, but it was just too hot to keep climbing in and out of the car.
If you know anything about cameras you already know from the title that I added another to the collection.

And some pretty thermoses, too. (both for just $2 and the camera for $3) I'll be honest when I say i don't know too much about film photography, but I'm ready to pop some film in this baby and learn. It's all about trial and error, right? Oh and take a look at this little advertisement I found for it. Perfect.

I also found camera bag number 3 which looks completely brand new. And also looks ginormous in this photo. It's big enough for me to carry my dslr and accessories, and my Holga, too. At least I'll have options now! The clock was just what I needed to make my bedside table actually look like it has a purpose. The album.. needs no explanation. Love George Harrison.
I found this bedspread on Wednesday at my usual thrift store. I've been looking for something new to put on my bed.The tag said $20 but I opened it up to look at it anyways. I love the yellow color and the pattern to. It feels.. well kind of like a carpet. And if I don't like it on my bed I might just turn it into one.
Anyways, I almost forgot to tell you the good part. I noticed a couple stains in the middle, bleach stains it looked like. You can barely tell on the front when it's on a bed, but it was still not a $20 bedspread. I asked the lady if they were willing to drop the price a bit, and they were nice enough to mark it half off. So now it sits on my bed, waiting for a bath and a new headboard to make it pop. I'm hoping to get started on that headboard asap! When I have a project idea, I don't like sitting on it for long.
Happy Friday everyone!
Oh yeah, more good news, I got a job!

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