29 July 2011


Of course when I thrift once, I always thrift another time shortly after. Then another. So here are a few thrifting occasion finds. Group one here I got at my favorite Higginsville antique shop. The flowered fabric it's all laying on is a table cloth I bought for picnics. It looks nice with my basket. The little fabric doesn't have a purpose of course. It was just pretty and cheap.
The saucers are just Hermy's new food bowls. I was tired of looking at the ugly old food holder. The owl and random pears have found a spot next to one of my favorite thrifts. I love needlework and barely pass it up. (I still kick myself for passing up a needle work cowboy forever ago. NEVER pass anything up)
I think it's my new favorite wall decor. I also found these awesome great vibrant vintage red mugs for $8. I don't have a home of my own, but when I do, these will be displayed on my counter.
Oh red cups. It's my favorite color, you know. I came home from this trip satisfied when Mel asked if I'd like to go with her to Richmond. YES. I never get tired of thrifting. Pleased with my finds, I doubted I'd find much I wanted. wrong. While Melissa was on the search for plates, I found a plastic record player and was eyeing a black suitcase wondering what was inside.

Check off my "To Thrift" list. I think I let out a shriek when I saw it, because Melissa turned and saw me ridiculously sitting on the floor with a typewriter and a small record player surrounding me. Her camera wasn't working or you'd be seeing that now. She looks brand new. I love the color.. I love the buttons. Completely working, and I plan to use it, really. I'll be a letter writer! My mom was having a little too much fun with it as you can see. Everything from "Hello bailry" down is all her.
I also found a pretty dress and a twin bedspread made couch cover. Honestly at first I didn't even know what it was. The print was just pretty, and I've been buying every pretty mystery fabric/blanket in sight lately. This solved two problems. 1) Hermy likes to claw the crap out of my fake leather futon 2) I've been room color troubles lately. This kinda tied everything together. Now for some matching pillows. Or maybe not and I'll use it to jazz up my tv stand. Lastly! ( I promise ) Jeffrey and I took a trip up to Independence and stopped by a Goodwill right off 24. It was crap. Nothing in it at all, except for a globe. Yet another thing to check off my "To thrift" list. I came across this awesome awesome awesome idea from this photo. I'm excited to try it out.
Okay okay okay. I promise that's it. What a couple of thrifting days.

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  1. oh my goodness you found such good stuff! I never get that lucky at thrift stores.
    lovely blog :)


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