17 January 2012

Pretty socks for the sock lover DIY

Okay so I kind of feel like this isn't much of a DIY, but it's something I've been doing lately so I thought I'd share. I have this weird sock thing. I like to run around wearing pretty little socks that would be pointless in shoes. These as grays were just fine, but then I saw pretty floral socks somewhere and I wanted to start decorating my own. If you're a sock girl too, this is an easy and cheap way to feed your addiction.

Socks of any size and color
Thick Thread
Needles (The duller ones with the huge eye)

\\ Put your socks on your feet! Trace your design on a paper plate and cut it out(I simply used a heart for this pair) Trace and cut out your fabric.

\\ Place your fabric on your socks and pin it wherever you want it. (Pin it good, I only used two and I should have used several)

\\ Thread a good amount of thread through your needle. Tie the end. Take your sock off and thread the first stitch up. (so your knot stays inside the sock) Put your sock back on and begin sewing in even (or not so) stitches. I started with the sock off, but on my foot was much much easier.

\\ When you reach the end, tie the excess to the knot underneath. Cut off the strings.
Turn right side out. Repeat.
Now do this to every pair of socks you own. With different shapes. Chevron? Mustaches? yeup.

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