14 February 2012

Happy late-night Valentines day!

School, then Valentines festivities kept me from posting today, but now I have another factor in the mix: This series

It's important for you to know that this is one of those series that makes you put life on hold while you sit in your bed for days reading. I can't put them down. I started Hunger Games Friday and finished Sunday. The snow day yesterday set me back a little and I spent the day dreaming of reading the next book (sigh) I'm not only here to tell you I may be a little absent this week. I am also here to- you guessed it- encourage you to read these books. I don't know what words to put together to explain how great they are. I am several chapters in to Catching Fire right now, and hope to finish Thursday. GO TO THE LIBRARY. ASK A FRIEND. These books are everywhere, but don't let that stop you from enjoying them. (you know, twilight esque)

Anyways! Happy Valentines day to you all, and I hope it was pleasant. I'll share photos of mine soon. (we got carried away with Polaroids)

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