19 February 2012

something colorful

These Valentines flowers have my room feeling colorful. I fall alseep to their scent, and wake up with it fresh in the air. They make me wish for spring. Also, I guess I should explain my absence. 1) I was sitting in my bed all hours of my free time reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I finished early this morning, and they are my newest obsession. 2) I had a bit of family stuff going on, it happens. Still may be a future excuse. & 3) I have been inexplicably lazy and unmotivated. I have pages of DIYs in my notebook I've been day dreaming about, but when I get home I'm just exhausted and the creativity disappears. I'm going to force some this week, and hope tomorrows thrifting trip inspires me, too.
I hope you all find something colorful to make you smile this week.

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