26 March 2012

taking this time to..

Lately I've been thinking a lot about where I want this blog to go. (Is this a blogwide feeling lately, or what?) As I post DIYs, thrift finds, recipes, I know there's something I want to add to this blog. Something more personal and that reflects who I am. And I think I will have more things to say and share as my journey out of this town progresses. I'm kind of in that small town funk where everything stays the same. So, beyond sharing life experiences and exciting events (Not that I wont completely) I want to begin sharing more of what I love. The thing that I am most passionate about above all- arts. Beyond just the crafts I post. I'm talking about the photography I love, the clothes I try to sew, music that takes me places, and I guess above all- my voice. I find I don't spend nearly enough time using ability- that power of mine on this blog. And maybe it's because I get caught up with all kinds of busy things that I forget I can, or maybe it's because I'm not sure anyone cares enough to read. But I realize that's not really the important part.

You may have noticed the increase in photo posts around here lately- that's just my first step. I want to practice more of what I love and learn and grow as an artist with all of you. That will include photos and ideas randomly thrown out- don't be afraid to voice an opinion. Opinions are good. I want to use this blog from here out not only as a personal flip book of everything in my life- but an inspirational tool as well. I think my ultimate dream is to be able to inspire the blog community like you all inspire me everyday.
So let me know if I'm successful along the way? I'm excited to see where things go. Also, feel free to say hello at anytime! I'm down for meeting new friends!


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    1. Thanks for the friendly words. I'm giving it a go!

  2. I think blogging is an ongoing journey, and can always evolve. I love the look and feel of your blog and would love to see where it goes! xo. B


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