10 April 2012

Tree bark flower pots DIY

Hey guys! I'm back with another DIY. (finally) This craft is definitely what I needed to get my creative fix throughout all of this busyness. Lately I've been all about new plants. A few weeks ago Jeffrey and I went to buy any plant we wanted. I bought a ficus (That told me in was a Bonsai. It is, with a little care) and he bought a bamboo plant. From there it turned into flowers and Aloe Vera plants, and soon to be a lettuce bowl and strawberries. I can't stop.
So naturally I had a billion pots to buy, and high dollar flower pots aren't my thing. So I got a few $2 terracotta pots and started brainstorming. This is what I came up with, and I love it! Please don't be scared away from this DIY because it involves painting. You don't have to be an artist. The tissue paper does all the work for you!

Supplies needed:
- Flower Pot
- Mod Podge
- Different shades of brown acrylic paint (I used 3 colors, 2 lighter and one darker/reddish brown)
- Black acrylic paint
- Brown tissue paper
- Moss (optional)

Tools needed:
- Paintbrushes (For mod podge & paint)
- Scissors

\\ Get a piece of tissue paper ready. Cut it so some will hang off of the top and bottom of the pot ( Or wait until your finished to do this). Paint a thicker coat of Mod Podge on your pot. As you lay your tissue paper over it, use your fingers to crease vertical lines(Like tree bark) Do this a little at a time, and paint a coat of mod podge on top of the tissue paper as you go.
-There will be a lot of tissue overlapping so the paper will fit around the entire pot. This makes it look like bark, so you're doing good. Just make sure your paper covers the entire pot!
- Also, I used a separate sponge brush to wedge under my pot to keep it from moving.

\\ Mod Podge the tissue Paper down over the top and the bottom. Make sure to get the top lip good so it stays water sealed

Painting: Now comes the easy and not scary part!
\\  Once Your Mod Podge is mostly dry, get your paints ready. Paint sections at a time!  Start by paint the creases in the tissue paper black. If some go completely sideways, leave them. Then use the darkest of your brown colors to blend the black into the brown color. Just take your brush with a little paint and rub it down the edges of the black.
It's okay if it gets really dark brown, that's what the lighter colors are for.

\\ Once you've done that all the way around, take a lighter color, or both at the same time, and paint between the black lines. Again, blend it in so it's not just a solid color. Leave some darker, or make them all lighter. Whichever you've prefer!
\\ Once dried, paint with gloss or give it another coat of Mod Podge (gloss) if you want a shiny look. Paint your water dish to match if you have one. I through some floral moss from Walmart around the edge to make it more earthy.
Plant & done!


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