23 May 2012

There and back

That went by quick. I was just sitting here typing my "I'll be back" what seems like moments ago. Our little road trip was a success. I was in need of a little away from home adventures. We explored junky stores, hiked all over Ha Ha Tonka, swam, ate, and swam some more. & all of the the little in between moments and unexplainable laughter. My friends are a hoot.

{Left to right: Celeste, Shelby, Me, Olivia}
Even though I had to listen to Wild Ones, Drake, and super booty music on repeat the whole way there, I still wouldn't have rather been anywhere else. Sometimes it's just necessary to get away from your small town for a while. Escape all of the nonsense and the sameness. And it helps when your with friends who always have you laughing.
We discovered many things these past few days including the waffle irons ability to do great things. Cinnamon roll waffles for breakfast, and grilled cheese waffles for dinner. I highly recommend it. We're going to open a shop called "Waffle Shop" and sell everything but waffles. You'll see us around. 
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Just a few. See them all here.

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