25 May 2012

week loves No. 2

1\\ Delicious looking sandwiches keep me drooling. This one especially.
2\\ I've been thinking a lot about hand written communication lately. I want to have a stack of letters- from anyone - to read over. Not emails or text messages. But I'm mostly close to everyone I'd write to. I've sort of silently decided I'll start doing this when I move away for college.
3\\ Quilts! My goal this summer is to sit my happy butt down and make one. A large one, too. Maybe not a pretty scalloped one for my first- this babies' hand stitched. I'll get to it sooner or later.
4\\ I've been dreaming of bonsai for weeks. I have to get some special soil mixture before I get one of my own, but this red and white Japanese Maple bonsai may be the winner.
5\\ I've been ogling puppy pictures lately. Not that I'm searching, seven dogs here is enough. But who can resist a cute little greyhound? Future pup, maybe.
6\\ Delicate jewelry has been popping up all over my pinterest. These bracelets are my favorites, especially the arrow. But, their anthro, you know.
Have a wonderful Friday + weekend

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  1. I agree with wanting to write more letters! Having thick paper with words to read is so much more than just a text. That picture makes them look like they hold intriguing secrets! :)


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