11 May 2012

week loves No.1

Even though I have been AWOL this week, I still found time to swoon over an assortment of things/people that keep me smiling and inspired.

1\\ String of Pearls. I have been staring at this plant for weeks and I want one badly. I would love to see it hanging in front of my window every morning...
2\\ Cozy outdoorsy spaces with wood and the color of nature all around. I want a porch like this, and I will sleep on it too.
3\\ Kaylah from The Dainty Squid always takes my breath away with her little photos and collections from nature. I am out to find a good notebook to start pressing all kinds of pretty things.
4\\ With my 18th birthday quickly approaching, my mind lingers around tattoo ideas. I wish I had pretty moles to connect constellations on my back like this, but fakes may have to do.
5\\ This hair color!! Curly, long, wild, healthy hair in general. But this lady's hair color is to die for. Next to try?
6\\ These tights are a little pricy, but they're my favorite. When I save some money, I will.

I could share much more, and I will as these progress. As for now I'm trying to contain all of my excitement, because school is almost. More importantly- my to do list is getting shorter everyday.

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