23 July 2012


Hello blog. I've missed you. But I've definitely enjoyed the free time I had away. Aside from being lazy, I've finally picked up those pastels, watched movies for hours, gone out for more spur of the moment fun, & I didn't once stop to worry what I was going to share on the blog. This is the way I always want it to be, so I'm approaching this blog differently now.
A collaboration of little bits of my past two weeks. I scored two new chairs from goodwill, (yes!) and rearranged my space accordingly. I also discovered a comfort zone with pastels, don't be alarmed by all the nakedness. Drawing bodies is what I'm good at & I'm working to perfect it.
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Untitled That mangy looking cat up there is going to the vet tomorrow to get spayed. (whipser) All that flirting with bud has got to stop.
In other news, July is almost over & I'm feeling bittersweet. Count down to my tattoo: 2 weeks. WDHAFJSKLAHDIWOAKFLSNAL.

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  1. that kitty is adorable!! hope all goes well with the visit :)

    kelly elizabeth


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