09 July 2012

websites + my html story

It's about time I share these websites I've been apart of designing these last few weeks. I probably meant to do this a few weeks ago, but I'm doing it now and that's what counts.
I taught myself html around 6th grade.(that sounds so advanced. It's really as simple as a hundred google searches) I was the girl making websites for all of her friends (piczos to be exact) and making blogs where a 6th grader doesn't need to ramble. I had a myspace where I created myspace layouts when it was cool(it was never), and designed my own graphics with free editing software. This knowledge got me into trouble more often than not. No kidding. But that's another bunch of stories to be told another day. At the ripe old age of 17 I can put these skills to use, and plan to learn as I go. I haven't even dug deep into CSS, I'm merely skimming the top. Might be something to look into for schoolin'. Who knows.  These websites were my first outside jobs. Experience experience experience.

The Limricks Fine Things website I designed for the store I work at is up and running. Joann loved the design right off the bat, which definitely helped my confidence in the design department. It's my first design outside of my blog so it was a nice change. I used blogger to set the entire thing up, rigged up a static home page, and you can't even tell the difference. Learning new possibilities >.

The website gives you all kinds of information about the shop, and possibly someone online capabilities later. We even added a little section for blogging. She's a crafty lady and has been posting about her projects. Check it out here if your curious.

I was also happy to help my fantastic wonderful incredibly talented friend Melissa get a website up for all of her work. She does some beautiful stuff, I'm telling ya. I have a Melissa Mcgrath original hanging next to me. I know she's still getting things set up over here, but it is definitely worth a peek, and a million more peeks as she adds to it.
Check her out over here. If you'd like your own website designed, hit me up. I love doing this.

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