31 August 2012

blogger frustrations

Beyond my typical blogger frustrations, I have also frequently had Blogger frustration. As in tonight. Right now. Notice the small change around here? I dedicated my Friday night (oh all of the plans I turned down) to a little blog designing. I change with the seasons, and my blog is no exception. I log in ready with content and jpegs galore. I begin adding things here and changing things around. As I save and preview my work, I notice nothing changed at all. Blogger was obviously not in sync with the changes I had made to the html. So I try again and again, different methods, waited a while. Still here I sit frustrated as I feel I am every time with these customizing tools. If this was I one time thing, I may be more forgiving. But sadly it's not, and each time gets more frustrating.
The question now: To wordpress or not to wordpress? A question I've pondered before but decided against it. This time I'm not so sure. Sorry for a boring photoless post. I thought I'd give you guys a heads up before I ran away from blogger. We'll see how this next try goes.

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