05 December 2012


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Untitled Untitled If you didn't know. Decorating for any holiday/occasion/ bad mood is awesome, but Christmas is number one. I act like I entertain or something, pff. This is pretty much just for me. And for the few people who come in here. The holiday season is my favorite time of year.(!!!!!!!) After it is over, I live my year looking forward to it once more. It's a long wait.
This year I kicked myself into gear and crafted all kinds of decorations. I felt at home as I hot glued and painted pine cones and ornaments. I haven't done anything with my hands for months. I even sewed (yes sewed!) little tiny hats for my skeletons left up from Halloween. The ornament wreath took all of the 70 ornaments I had saved up + more. (I might explain this in a post later, would tips help anyone?) Overall, I'm pleased. Cozy and Christmas and now I just need to get all of my homework + finals finished.
Wish me luck.

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  1. Love your style. You know you decorated for us bloggers too :) Wish you well with school!



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