07 January 2013

2013 rambles on life

Seven days(I started at four, it's taken me this long) into this new year and I am embracing it. I'm terrible at making resolutions (wait is this the same post I posted this time last year?) but this year feels different. That is either due to some productivity increase, or the ease of my resolutions. I'm betting the latter. Either way it feels great. This year holds so much new and so much to look forward to. So much change that it's actually scary, but I still find myself counting down the days until it all unravels.

This summer I am moving out. Putting this in words makes it feel like a contract, but that should keep me from panicking and running away. I cross my fingers for July and an affordable apartment. An apartment just big enough to hold myself, Jeffrey, and our cats. (and an extra bedroom for my abundance of crap?) Located somewhere in Kansas city, maybe independence, close to campus. This requires a decent part time job as well, of course. Time to fulfill my dream of working at Target! Really. What a dream. So that's this year and all it holds. I got accepted to UMKC tonight. You would think this is an opening statement. College first- housing next. I like to plan things backwards.

All of this change is overwhelmingly exciting. One day I'm bouncing up and down packing little bits away, the next I'm questioning all of my future decisions. That's normal right? I mean the decisions I make right now impact the rest of my life, right? It's normal to freak out on occasion, or every other day. I'm going to be an art major. An ART MAJOR. Come on.  I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do for a career. Photographer? Blogger? Small business owner? Of what? A coffee shop/bookstore/bakery/plant nursery/vintage shop? And if all of that doesn't work out, what will my art degree get me? I'm not very social, people freak me out.. I can't make friends! And paying bills. And working more than one day a week. And feeding myself. And feeding my cat. Washing clothes! Excuse me. It's one of those days. My usual mindset stays at It will all work out because I will work to make it. No matter what anyone else believes. There. That's better.

So 2013. Nice to meet you. I've been waiting for you since high school started. I hope we become friends and I hope I survive. I also hope that I don't have to pay a fee to house my cat.

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