23 January 2013

as of late

An undeniably nasty poop cake for a fellow thespian

My sweet Papa's birthday celebration

I got my acceptance letter from UMKC!

Adorable cat case that you can get on the cheap cheap here

Friends and Django and Zios

Life lately as my iPhone sees it. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen all of these. Ignore my laziness of picking up my camera and re-enjoy these.

The mental notes I took about the changes to this blog include focusing more on my photography. Meaning a lot more photos around here. That said, the last several posts have been entirely photos.. and that's fine and all, but I'm working to mix up the content here. I also have a lot on my mind and this may be my outlet to express that. So expect some blabbing, accompanied by photos as well. I know this is just super exciting to you all.
(wrapping this post up) holla.

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