27 January 2013

silver linings playbook

Saw this movie last night (obviously so). I'm not a big Bradley Cooper fan, he's adorable and his smile makes me melt, but The Hangover was enough of that. So Jennifer Lawrence and the endless recommendations are what sat my stinky body in an uncomfortable chair for 122 minutes.  What can I say.. I laughed, I cried, and I became a Bradley Cooper fan. I think.

 Before thoughts:
Is this a romance? Someone is suppose to be crazy. Bradley cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are acting as lovers or something- What?! Weird casting. Playbook- football... Oh here we go, Blind Side inspiring movie crap. I don't care about football. Can I watch this movie and pretend to care about football? It has all kinds of Oscar nominations, so that's something. 

Immediate after thoughts:
That was so great. Bradley Cooper isn't so bad.. he has finally left his hangover shackles. And Jennifer Lawrence has proven herself to any doubtful Hunger Games hater. where the hell has Julia Stiles been?  I need to remember to look up that soundtrack, that was excellent. Glad I got around to seeing it before it left theatres. *blah blah inspired and junk*  Also I wish that old woman behind me would've not narrated the entire movie.

 It went something exactly like that. Seeing movies is always this much of a debate for me. I am frugal! I have to convince myself that the said item/food/entertainment is necessary.
Final statement: Silver Linings Playbook is a good one.

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  1. I hated Bradley Cooper at first. The first movie I saw with him was Wedding Crashers and I couldn't get passed his character in it. It wasn't until Yes, Man and Failure to Launch that he grew on me and now is one of my favorite actors. :) Have you seen Limitless?

    I really want to see this movie... As soon as I saw previews. But we haven't made it to the theaters yet. It's definitely a night we budget for nowadays. I remember when going to the movies used to cost so little.


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