24 March 2011

Bottle lamp

This was just a kind of I'm-bored-and-this-sounds-fun project, but I ended up liking the result. It was actually one of the first things I made that opened up my eyes to the world of crafting. When I started being a 'serious crafter'. The second picture is the updated version of the lamp, because I stopped liking that lamp shade pretty quickly.

Things you'll need:
Glass bottle
Lamp kit
Lamp shade
Paint pen/acryilic paints
Gloss spray
*Hot glue gun

The first thing I did was design the bottle. I knew I wanted a tree, so I searched some images, but in the end it was sompletely freehanded. I used a paint pen. WAY easier than a brush, for me atleast. After I was finished drawing everything on, I coated it in a gloss to keep it from chipping. (I know there is glass paint, I just didn't have any)
I didn't cut a hole in the glass, my lamp kit simply has the cord running out the side of the socket. It doesn't look too bad, and if at the time I really knew what I was doing, I may have done things differently, but this works just fine.
Then I painted the lampshade.

Bad idea. I do not recommened this. When you turn your light on, you see all kinds of brush strokes, and it doesn't look too great. That is why I covered my second lamp shade in fabric, and hot glued it.

Hope this inspired some people to reuse some old bottles!

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