24 March 2011

Guitar clock

This was my first BIG crafting project. I still love it, and it hangs above my computer. I kick myself for not taking before pictures, but once again is was a while ago. I was just starting to post things online, and get use to tutorials. This isn't going to be much of one, just a little of what I did, just in case someone tackles the project and has a few questions.

I had an old guitar from a garage sale that I planned to learn to play on, until someone told me it was abnormally small. (obviously) So I decided a clock it would be, and yes, it works.
First I took the hardware off. I sanded the front and the back on the guitar, and left the sides the original color. (They were less scratched up) Then started the long process of staining. And for my first time, it wasn't too bad. I let it sit for a couple days before I started painting the yellow accent colors.

While all of that dried, I worked on the clock. I can't remember where the idea came from, but a 45 seemed to be an excellent clock base. I picked it out based only on the pretty art and colors. I took a cheap, battery powered clock apart only to use the hand and the battery pack. (Be careful with it! They WILL break) I painted the hands to match. I attached it to the guitar with Velcro.
It's easily removable so i can keep this clock workin'.

Have a lovely day, feel free to ask some questions.

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