24 March 2011

Peacock Ornaments for ze Holidays

I made these Ornaments last year for Christmas, and plan to make more this year. Excuse the crappy quality pictures, I hope to have some better ones up soon. These pretty ornaments are definitely worth making, I promise. It wont take you but 15 minutes.

-Glass ornaments
-Peacock feathers
- Hot glue gun

(You can get the glass bulbs and peacock feathers at your local Hobby Lobby, or other craft store)

\\ First, cut down the feather so it is the diameter of the ornament. (length) If the bottom has a lot of long feathers, cut them down, but don’t cut into the ‘eye’ of the feather.

\\ Take top off the ornament!

\\ Smooth all the feather down and insert into (tiny!) ornament hole. This can be difficult with all the different lengths of feather, but try smoothing it down as best as you can without bending the feather.

\\ Play with the feather a little bit. If it’s too big and tips are folding and making the feather distorted, take it out and trim it up.
 Also- If you put the feather in the ornament and and the feathers separated, wiggle the feather around a bit and get it to look how you’d like.

\\ When you are satisfied with how it looks, get the top of the ornament, and put hot glue in the center of it.

\\ Quickly  stick the end of the feather into the hot glue and push the ornament top back on. You may need to twist it around a bit.

And you should be about finished. Pretty little ornaments for little money. (I paid $7 total for four ornaments and peacock feathers. Multiply that by two or more for an entire tree)
Let me know if you have any questions!

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