29 March 2011

Mark Montano's Punk Lantern DIY

My friend celeste was flipping through my Big Ass Book of Crafts, and decided she had to have Mark Montano’s Punk Lantern. So this Christmas I knew exactly what to make her. It’s basically a white lantern with a bunch of paint dripped all over it. It was a fun to make, and also sort of an experiment. I bought a pack of three and added a little extra to his design of just one.

- Crayola fingers paints (work best, acryclic may too with lots of water)
- White lanterns
- Dixie Cups
 - Room to designate these things to for a good 24 hours

I had to snap a picture of it hanging in my room before I could give it to her. Even though it looked at home there, I decided it best to gift it. The process is very messy and a little time consuming. My kitchen was completely consumed by the project

1\\  Mix your paints in the dixie cups. I played around with the paint water ratio a bit. The book says about 1:1 with crayola finger paints, but that failed for me. Left a more watery color than a vivid one. Just mess around until you get something you like!
2\\ Bend the cup so one side has a easy pouring 'spout'. Pour your colors in random spots all over the lantern
3\\ Wait the eternity it takes to dry, and flip it over to do the other side (Really, just a couple hours.
4\\ repeat and leave to dry for 12-24 hours!

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