29 March 2011

Drawers to Shelves

See those there? Those are Drawers. Point and Shoot captured drawers.
I successfully made them into a shelving system, because I was desperate for places for my pretty owls and such. I got the idea from here, but I only used square drawers, so it has a different look completely. After a long search for a large map to cover the entire back of each shelf, and being unsuccessful, I decided to mix and match. I used Spray glue to adhere the paper to the drawer. Super easy, and I love it. 

UPDATE 7/30/11: I obviously didn't put the maps on well enough, they started to peel. Luckily I was tired of them anyways. I stacked them all in one column, and will hopefully sometime get around to a new paint job. I'm thinking bright colors and chevron.
I'll update you will the completely finished photo soon. For now here's a DSLR photo of the recent change.

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