29 March 2011

Scarf+braid DIY

So, I don’t usually post hair DIYs, mostly because I don’t know any. My hair is usually just plain old straight and down, or in the side braid. Last week at some point, I came up with another idea.. and I don’t have a name for it. It probably is already an idea out there, but hey, don’t rain on my parade. I was feeling pretty proud of this.
Well pretty simply I braided a scarf into my hair. If you like this, I’m here to show you how in… 6 easy steps! woo! I am awkward in photos, bear with me. I’m not sure how this would work with short hair. I have pretty long hair. But I guess you’d just need a shorter scarf? But here's a few steps/tips along the way.

1) Grab scarf, fold evenly in half. 
2) Wrap around your head, with the two ends of your folded scarf at the back of your head. Pull through loop.
3) Pull tight, and line it up in the middle of your neck. 
4) Part
5&6) braid & ponytail it


  1. I absolutely ADORE this style! Will have to give it a whirl sometime! To be honest, it seemed pretty self explanatory, but I like the way you did the scarf to "lock it in" on the nape of the neck. I would've just put it on over my head and start braiding, which now that I think of it, will probably slide down my forehead constantly!!! :)


    1. I always explain everything in great (duh) detail. The most annoying thing to me is a tutorial without enough description! Glad you found it helpful!

  2. I ssooo love this!! I will definitely be trying this style, its perfect for me!!

  3. Before I forget, I pinned this to my Pinterest and it received many "repins" :) :) :) Your braided scarf is a success!


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