11 April 2011

Easy shmeezy record bowl DIY

I've tried this a few times before, and never thought to use to bowls. Until I came across some photo of a tutorial somewhere, and I can't it! I am a terrible source siter! The link I had to it somehow stopped working? who knows. I remember how to do it, because it's so easy. So I figured I'd share.

2 different size bowls that fit into each other well
1 record
Oven mitts
Cookie sheet/flat pan
  1. Preheat oven to 225

  2. Place smaller bowl upside down on cookie sheet

  3. When oven is finished preaheating, place the pan on the rack, and VERY carefully sit the record on top. (Make sure it's in the center! If you put it on the bowl before you put it in the oven, it has the tendancy to move around. Whatever works for you.)

  4. Watch for a couple minutes, it shouldn't take to long to look like the image below. Mine took 2 minutes. When it looks like this, take it out and QUICKLY proceed to the next step.

  5. Place larger bowl over record. Keep the record in the center of the bowl! Let it sit until cooled, and take the larger bowl off.
  6. Easy enough? I think I'll gift these sometime..


  1. Thank you! It just so happens I've gifted these a million times, everyone loves them!

  2. GREAT gift idea! Just found your blog and love it, keep up the creative work! :)


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