02 June 2011

Strawberry Vanilla Icecream Pops

So they aren't really baked at all, oh well. I wanted to make something summer appropriate, and strawberries are my favorite. So I came across this recipe. After finding it, I searched it on google and found many other recipes, but this one is soo yummy.

1 lb strawberries hulled and halved
½ cup sugar
2 teaspoons lemon juice
2 pints premium vanilla ice cream

Popsicle sticks
Small Cups

Clean strawberries. Cut the tops off and cut them in half and put them in a large bowl. (Here I have them in my strainer, I moved them afterwards)

Mash Strawberries with a fork or potato masher.

Transfer strawberries into a non stick skillet. Add the lemon juice and the sugar.

Boil over medium heat, until slightly thickened. (took me around 10 minutes)Stir occasionally, and chop up the bigger pieces of strawberry with you're spoon. Also get your ice cream out of the freezer.

Pour mixture back into bowl and set in the freezer, uncovered, until cold. (I left mine in for about 20 minutes, maybe my freezer sucks)

While waiting, scoop your icecream into a bowl. It should be softened enough at this point that it is easy to get out. This is where the recipe says to 'microwave you're ice cream in 10 second intervals'. As you are welcome to do that, I found it easier to do what I still do every time I eat ice cream: Stir it. Until it is soft and fluffy.

Smooth ice cream out evenly in a 9x13 pan. Place in freezer until strawberry mixture is cooled. 

I had a lot of time waiting, so I did the dishes. Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce my audience. Hermy, and the no named kittens. They napped in this suitcase the entire time.

I also took this time to set up my cups. I placed them on a pan that I could easily fit back into the freezer. I have may WAY too many out in this photo, I only needed about 15. Woops.

When strawberry mixture finally cools, remove it and the ice cream from the freezer. Spoon the strawberries out onto the ice cream in different places. Gently swirl strawberries and ice cream together.

Spoon mixture into cups. At this point you can either place your Popsicle sticks in, or let them freeze for 20 minutes and then put them in. (Mine stayed up fine, so I just left them in. I recommend just waiting the 20 minutes to put them in, it's guaranteed to keep them up.)

Put them back in the freezer and let them sit about 1 1/2 hours, or until frozen. Rip off paper cup, and enjoy.

If you use Dixie cups, it makes 15.
-Also, they're only good in the freezer for about 4 days, so make em' and eat em'!
I finally put my apron to use. Which successfully holds spoons, and kittens.
Make these for the weekend! They are yummy.


  1. We will try it and let you know how they turn out...they look delish!

  2. they look so yummy!!! and the kitten in the pocket is so so so cute :)


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