02 July 2011

Thrifted: A Weekend of Thrifting

Yesterday I stopped by an antique store with my Dad while we were running around. Because I've never really found a local antique store I like, I wasn't expecting much but high prices and things I don't particularly care for.  Almost immediately after we walked in, I spotted this purse. Love at first sight.
I never have purse luck, ever. I also have a thing for old tins, and I can never pass those up, either. Two bucks for one, not bad. My dad doesn't like to stay in any store for too long, so we left and ate and headed back home. About an hour later I came up by myself, so I could spend as much time as I wanted. That's when I decided to get the canteen, apron, bowl, and buttons. I got the Canteen for Jeffrey, only because when I actually see something I think he'll like, I have to get it. It's rare, he's picky. Buttons for my romper, an apron to add to my collection, and a large heart bowl that matches my candle holders. Good thrifting day, I think.
Thrifting day two
Found a lot of goodies today! A few scarves/headbands, purses, hats, shoes, clothes, and a camera bag too. My purse luck didn't completely wear off. I did find a couple bags I wouldn't mind carrying around.Oh and these shoes too, I left them in the bag, woops.
I went to my usual Richmond thrift store, and the consignment store, too. I think it was all about $25, which is good in my book. 
 I wasn't too sure about this belt, but I think it would look pretty with my white dress.
My favorite favorite find today:
I can't wait to wear these babies out, they were practically new. I think that's all the thrifting in me this weekend. Well, so I say now. 
Happy thrifting!

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