05 July 2011

Fireworks and red lipstick | An Outfit Post

  This weekend was great. I watched boys blow things up Saturday, fireworks Sunday, and spent my fourth of July with Kody and Jeff.
I picked this skirt up from the thrift store Saturday, it has pretty buttons all the way down the front. Pull it all the way up and put a belt on, and it became a dress. Way too long of a skirt so a dress it is. Again wearing the red shoes I wear for way too many outfit posts, they're cute! The belt is from Rue 21, on sale.
My hair is all tucked up at my neckline. I've been wearing it this way a lot lately, keeps all my hair off my shoulders in the 100 degree weather. Thinking about posting a tutorial.. but I feel like people might already know how to do this? Well we'll see.
Anyways, I'm all dressed up for a fireworks display. I'll just leave you with a couple pictures here.

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