03 August 2011

Birthday wishlist

If you haven't checked out the wishlist page, these pretty things will be new to your eyes. Just some things I wouldn't mind having, hint wink hint family who reads my blog.
Maybe you'll find something you like here, too. Click through links on everything.

1\\ This too pretty Crosley record player. It's my favorite. 

2 & 3\\  This maxi dress from Forever 21. It's so simple it's pretty. Oh and this polka dot dress also.

4\\ This movie, Blue Valentine. Loved it. Bawled for almost the entire movie, but I loved it.

5\\ I have yet to jump on the instant film train, but I'd like to terribly. It makes up for Polaroid. Instax.

6\\ This pretty print from photojojo. Keep Calm and Snap On.

7\\ This album and this album and this album. Tame Impala, Bon Iver, and Pink floyd, which I should've bought a long time ago. Any Floyd album is welcome.

8\\ My favorite item, a fish eye lens. Photojojo style. I want it badly. 55 mm adapter ring

9\\ Or maybe this is my favorite? All cheap camera accessories are my favorite. Macro/ wide angle lens. Photojojo, I love you.

10// Lastly, these pretty shades.  One can never have too many pairs!

Now going to post this before Blogger explodes. Happy August!

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