14 August 2011

Mustache Binkies and Onsie DIY

After coming across this idea on tumblr (Or was it pinterest?) I put it on my to do list for some future baby. A day later I was invited to my friend Morgan's baby shower. FATE. Really. They turned out great. I also made a onesie to match. (Designed on computer and printed it out on iron on paper) I wish I had a photo of a baby with the bink in his mouth, thing is, little Brody wont be born until December. I'll have to take one then.
Playing with text that actually has a purpose was fun. I kept the file just in case anyone else wanted one. Let me know if your interested! Okay so the binkys are pretty self explanatory, but I figured I'd throw out a few tips to cut out some frustration.

Needed: Felt or foam, hot glue gun, tape, scissors, printed mustache (Or free hand), and binkys of course.

• Pick your stache and print it out. I made mine about 3 inches long, I think.

• Cut it out and tape it onto your felt. This helps keep it in place, so you don't have to try and trace it or anything annoying like that.

•Cut around the stencil and pull it off when your finished.

• Position it on your binky and hot glue that thing! Make sure to glue the edges of the mustaches to the binky, too, so it's not too easy to pull off.

Well there you have it, a binky that keeps you laughing. Ignore my nasty nasty hot glue gun. I sit it down on yarn and all sorts of things stick to it. I think it's time for a new one.

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