15 August 2011

Hot date to Olive Garden | An Outfit Post

Jeffrey took me out for my birthday last Friday to feast on endless bread sticks, salad, and chicken & gnocchi soup. Yum. With our luck, of course it was pouring. But with Jeffrey's determination to eat, and my determination to get out of the house in my pretty dress, we made it. Photos of course by Jeffrey again, before we headed out the door. Might explains some goofy expressions and attractive googly eyes.
 Dress: Salvation Army | Belt: Salvation Army | Shoes: Target
See my toes there? I got a pedicure for my birthday. Paint still looks perfect. I've totaled my outfit to equal something around $12. Not too shabby.
 I also used crackle polish on my nails. Always makes them look freshly painted when I paint it over my chipping nails.  Happy Monday everyone! Tumblr taught me a little something about Mondays today.
Make it any better for you? A little?

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