04 September 2011

Thrift and Santecaligon

 You'll never believe the luck I had this weekend. Olivia and I went up to the festival in Independence, mainly just to stuff our faces.

It was really fun, but crazy hot. We left after a couple hours to hit up some thrift stores. Turns out Olivia is A) Awesome to thrift with and B) my good luck charm. I asked if she'd rather hit up a couple here, or go to Richmond. Despite the storm headed our way, we headed to 7 hwy. Goodwill welcomed some awesome cups into my basket. A lady that worked there told me she 'thinks she knows something I'd like' and picked up these rad mushroom cups hidden on the bottom shelf. Hope chest.
Best part is they were 50 cents a piece. And now for something that excites me so that I can hardly contain myself..... I found The Wall on vinyl! Perfect condition. Along with a couple Beatles albums, The Kinks, Grateful Dead, Elton John, and so many many more. All in perfect condition, and some of my favorite albums. The kinks Greatest Hits is playing right now, la la la la lola. 99 cents a piece! Can you tell how excited I am?
Along with that exciting news, I also found a Neat end table so my record player would have it's own corner. I plan to leave it it's wood color, even with a few scratches and discoloring. It's perfect.
I'm thinking about setting a specific day for Thrifted posts. That way it is encouraged that I thrift weekly. (As if I already don't) What day would you guys like to see thrifted posts?

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