25 September 2011

Happy Homecoming | An Outfit Post

If there is one thing I loved most about this homecoming week, besides the random pep assemblies and all, is having somewhere to wear this pretty outfit. I Loved it. I was still piecing it together seconds before I walked out the door, but It's my favorite so far. Nothing is vintage except the earrings. The rest is vintage inspired, of course. Jeff took some photos again. And I'll mix in a few from the game. By this time, my beehive bun was a little lopsided, but I would have still worn it all night if I could.

 Dress: Forever 21 | Tights & Shoes: Rue 21 |Earrings: My grandmas
Jeffrey is getting fantastic at taking these photos, I think. Even though he just points and shoots, I like to believe he plans it out first. I love the first photo, and the one where I'm walking away from him. I love all of them
Homecoming is over and I hope that means more time on my hands.
p.s. Congratulations to le princesses and le queen!

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