28 September 2011

Rainbow Cake

I suppose you get the idea from the picture, right? This yummy vanilla cake is (almost) every color of the rainbow. Roygb. Let's get a closer look. And that's just cut one way. Each piece is different and awesome. I made my own cake mix from scratch here, but boxed cake works well, too. Although I do recommend this cake recipe for any kind of vanilla cake your making. It was delicious, and easy to make. (I tripled that recipe to make this 3 layer cake) Baking with me today is Sara Cucumber. What you need to make rainbows:
- Cake mix or homemade cake batter
- Food coloring
- Several bowls for each color you choose
- Spoons for each color
- Cake pan size of your choice

\\ Make your cake mix and separate it evenly (or not) into your bowls

\\ Assign a color to each bowl and get to mixing
Until they look something like this, or something else that pleases you.

\\ Now my best way to describe what Sara and I did here is to just glop your cake mix around. Making sure there isn't too much of one color in any certain area. This part would also be fun to experiment with. Like a big heart or something. If you do anything different, take a photo and send it to me! I can't wait to play with the idea more myself.

\\ Make sure you tap your pans on the counter a bit so the bubbles rise out. We forgot that part, but it still looked pretty cool. Follow recipe and bake until toothpick is clean.
How awesome does that look.

\\ Put a little icing on (Once cooled of course), do what you please, and reveal the rainbow perfection with a cutting ceremony. This cake was made for a few of my friends' birthdays, so we revealed at lunch.
Definitely a fun cake that will confuse your taste buds. I think my tongue expected some fruity taste from all those colors.

Happy Baking!


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