06 October 2011


Last Saturday, my favorite(local) thrift store had a big "Everything is 25 cents except for the good stuff we put purple tags on" sale. It was still a pretty good sale. One that gave me the chance to get all of the junk I've ever thought about getting in there. Yeah, maybe some of it I don't need, but at the end of the day it's okay because it was only 25 cents. I spent a total of $5.80 on Saturday's thrifting trip. Shelby walked away with a full box costing her $4.50. Not to mention we laughed our 8 a.m. morning away and enjoyed a little breakfast at 10-13. It was a blast. Here are my treasures, minus the leap pad and several leap books I bought for my nephew.
 Excuse the quality of the photos. My (awesome) A+ teacher just gave me a flash, and I've been trying to mess around with it, correctly. I may be missing a few things, but I think you get the idea. Let's take a quick walk down thrifting lane.
Two "I'm not sure if I'll like these on but they are 25 cents so what the heck" shirts that are actually adorable on, and chunky beads.
Randomness. Dymo Tapewriter I was intrigued by. Tiny photo frames for cuteness, and adorable books.
I don't know why I couldn't leave the giant mushroom cannister there. I've passed by it a million times knowing I don't really need nor much want it. I guess I figured I could find it a home, or maybe it would grow on me.
Shoes, books, mugs, thermoses, and mirrors that show you how ugly your face really is, because I said so.
Overall a successful trip. Now to find places to put it all. I'm thinking about starting an etsy, I'm just not sure how business would be. And the fees and what not? I'll keep anyone who's interested posted.
That's all for now. I hope you all found something to get excited over this week.

p.s. How do you think these posts are going? I'm not sure if these lengthy photo posts are easier to read, more interesting than words, or just obnoxious. Let me know what you think!


  1. well beetle bailey i think all of your posts are just freaking perfect!!!! you found some good stuff for just 25 cents each, and the mushroom canister i can remember that back in the day lol lol

  2. I'm crying. I wish I was there!!! I miss our thrift trips. Great haul, babe.


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