31 October 2011

Halloween, Lelan, and a Homemade Thomas the Train

Happy Halloween everyone! How was/is your Halloween coming along? I was going to share with you a post about my Halloween costume, but Jeffrey and I never got all dressed up. Picture a red suited Austin Powers and a Go-go booted Felicity Shagwell. And then forget about it in case we use that idea next year.
As for Lelan's Halloween, I think it went pretty well. Lelan went as a conductor to his Thomas Train. A homemade cardboard Thomas Train. My mom and I spent hours putting this thing together last night, and we're pretty pleased with the outcome. And so was he, I think. We used suspenders to hang Thomas over his shoulders and cardboard and paint everywhere else. Oh and duct tape, lots of duct tape.
Oh did I mention my mom put together the cutest little conductor outfit? And also that Lelan has become a little baby model?

When we finished Thomas last night, we discovered he may be a little too heavy for Lelan to carry around all night. We planned to make a couple adjustments after pictures, and Thomas still looks like a little train.
Kisses for Nanny and he was off to get candy from the neighbors.
I've never felt so happy about a Halloween costume before. Cutest baby in the world isn't he? 

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