24 November 2011


Thrifty Thursday doesn't stop for Thanksgiving! (especially when I can schedule posts to publish while I'm napping after foods)
After musical set painting chaos was over, I told myself I was ready to 'relax'. A few days later I took on the task of painting my room white, which you may already know from a previous post. Shelby and I took a Wednesday trip to the city to pick up some materials for my latest craft project.. and of course to hit up some thrift stores while we're around. I got a few knick knackies and a couple swoonful items. I managed to take a couple photos after cleaning up my room makeover mess (Shoving everything in a corner)
I love the shape of this lamp. I saw it at Bargain Town nearly a week and a half ago and passed it up because I wasn't sure if it would go with anything. Then I did one of those "I wish I would've got that" phases until I got my butt back there to get it.
Somehow I came across a camera similar to the one I've been looking for on every thrift stores shelves. For $2, too. It looks nearly brand new, and the strap still has a little tape thing around it so the previous owner probably didn't use it often. After all this Christmas presentness is over, I will buy some film for it. (Or this is a good time to ask for film for Christmas, eh?)
She's a beauty. Sorry for posting nothing but Thrifting posts lately, it's all I can make time for. Friday I'm baking, if that's anything to look forward to. And I should have my next DIY up before the weekend is over.
Happy Thanksgiving all,

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