26 November 2011

Time to get Christmas-y

Thanksgiving is over! Now it's time to turn on the Christmas music and enjoy every last minute of this holiday feeling.
Jeffrey and I had a Christmas tree party last night. Egg nog and cider and the Pandora Christmas Station. Oh and cheesy photos that I've been seeing in my head for a month. It was a nice little celebration for the upcoming season. And we'll do it again, and maybe again and again and again. We still have to make ornaments for the tree! (any excuse is a good excuse) I've been anxious to use my heart bokeh on a Christmas tree. It never stops. I'll probably share many, many more.
Chewy makes a nice tree topper, eh? It's a very well protected tree.
I dug out my old pink barbie Christmas tree that I last used when I was, eh, ten or eleven maybe? Somehow it's still around. I used a different base (toothbrush holder) and ornaments to update it a bit and get the giant 'barbie' label off of it.
Hermy's presents will go under this tree, since it has no other purpose. Anyone else throw up their Christmas tree yet?
Happy Holidays everyone,

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  1. The sweetest picture ever. It needs to be framed. On my wall. With lots of other pictures of people I love. I love you two the most.


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