02 December 2011

They came!

She & Him, that is. Just what I needed on my not-so-great day.
I baked all day with Sara and melted from Zooey's voice. It's like butta. Worth the moneys, honeys. Go buy it.
I hoped to share a couple pictures of my room in progress, but I had a bit of an issue today. One that's got me all kinds of worried. Thursday I used my camera all day to video a school event. Sometime after I was finished recording, and got it home, the lens had stopped focusing. It was working, and then it wasn't. So now I have to deal with sending my lens (and possibly camera) in to Nikon. That could (will) take a month! Don't they know it's December and it's holiday time- my favorite time of the year to take photos!? That's what I get for not having a back-up, I suppose. So now I'm stuck between buying another ($200) lens that I've been wanting anyways to use, or waiting it out with a manual focus lens until the holidays are over.
This has turned into a bit of a rant hasn't it? Ignore the complainer over here. But if you have any suggestions, let me know!
Sorry to ruin your happy little post, She & him. I love you anyways.

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