22 December 2011

angry bird ornaments

Okay I know theres only 3 days until Christmas, but I still had to share. Maybe this will be helpful for next year, or a last minute gift. A few of my friends are Angry Bird Fanatics so when I saw this idea on Pinterest one evening, I wrote it down on my growing to-do list. And of course I didn't even pin it to my boards, or even like it. I've searched and searched Pinterest with no luck. If you find something like this, paste the link in a comment below so I can give credit where credit is due! (I find myself typing that frequently)
Now I didn't take pictures of the process, because it is what it is. I just painted several coats of nose and eyes. I was going to paint birds also, but I only had enough time to complete these pigoos.
Things to know:
- I used acrylic paint and sprayed gloss over it so it wouldn't scratch off. I already had gloss, and the regular acrylics were cheaper so it saved me money. If you don't have gloss, buy the Acrylic enamel paints! (You can find them at Walmart!)
- Fingers can work better than brushes (No paint strokes and fewer coats!)
- You can paint this, I promise! Even if you've never picked up a paintbrush.
- Make birds too!

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