22 December 2011

An Early Christmas Present

from Jeff! He accidentally spilled the beans on what he was getting me a few weeks ago. That actually means he just blurted it out while I was trying to drown out his voice. Long story short, I'm finishing up a couple Christmas gifts that need some sewing done. Hand sewing can only go so fast. So in a series of "Well, I may not see you Christmas" and "I could knock these projects out If I only had a sewing machine" Jeffrey gave in and let me open it. I know, I'm a bad present ruiner. But he started it!
Without further ado, here is my new baby. I love her I love her, and she actually works. (Last sewing machine I had never worked from the moment I took it out of the box)
Prepare yourselves for sewing projects (that may not always be.. well.. decent. I'm learning!)
3 days til' Christmas! I'm in no rush, I hate it when the Holidays are over.
Happy Holidays!

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