19 December 2011

Needlework Sweatshirt DIY

Inspired by the work of this lady, I began brewing ideas in my head of the many mediums I could begin to stitch. Blankets, pillows, papers, SWEATSHIRTS. I have been stitching like crazy lately. It's my new favorite thing, and I hope to improve with every piece. Today I'll share an idea that I promise is easy for anyone to do.. with patience. This is only one in a line of sweatshirts I have in my head.
I realize the picture doesn't do it much justice, but I promise it looks like something someone would pay $25 for at Urban Outfitters! (Personal goal of mine to conquer them)

- Old/New sweatshirt (I thrifted mine)
- Fabric
-Thread and needle
- Scissors
- Pencil

\\ Iron your fabric if it has a million creases. Draw your shape on the fabric with pencil. For perfect symmetry, cut out half of the shape, fold it in half, and cut.

\\ Center shape on your sweatshirt! Or put it where ever you want it. Realize you lost all of your pins and use safety pins and needles to keep it in place.

\\ Thread needle with enough thread to go around the entire shape. Tie a knot at the end of your thread with enough excess to tie later. (Just an inch or two) Start from the inside of the shirt and make even stitches close together. Be patient with knots in your thread! If you catch it before you pull tight, they come out easy peasy.

\\ When you've finished all the way around, turn shirt inside out and tie the knot thread to the end of the thread. (That's confusing, does the picture help?)

\\ Stop here, or add something else! I went with words. If you want your words to be solid black instead of dotted, stitch in the empty spaces once you finish your word. (again, confusing wordy. ask if I sound like I'm just babbling)

End up with something like this and be proud that you recycled an old sweatshirt AND you have a new, nice piece of clothing. Make them for your friends?

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