28 December 2011

lazy sewing days

Jeffrey's grandma Red gave me a ton of "Boho Tote" kits so I could sew my hands off. This is the first thing I've ever made with a sewing machine that you don't a) lay on or b) warm yourself with. I started last night and was working hard until my sewing machine pooped out. I think she was just tired because she was back in business this morning when I started again. It actually turned out better than I thought. It's doesn't look exactly like the picture, but what ever does?
Not too bad for a noob, right? I have several more of these to make and hopefully they each get better. (Melissa keep watching my blogs/life for others and pick which one you want. Seriously.)
I wouldn't mind my days slowing down starting.. now. 6 days of break. of relaxing and crafting and thrifting and everything happy.

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