13 December 2011

Snitch Ornament DIY

My amazing friend Shelby gave me an early Christmas present yesterday. She knows me too darn well. She recently discovered Pinterest and has been crafting her little heart away. Luckily she was thinking of me when she saw this idea out in the DIY/Crafts section.  (click here for her Pinterest, which will be up and running soon)
I use it as a tree top, since my tree is two feet tall. I always get super excited when I get Harry Potter related presents (Like that time last year when my Secret Santa, Jack, gave me a model snitch) Shelby made my night/day/year and I hope with this tutorial it will make yours, too!
I'm not sure this is the one she used exactly, but it looks pretty similar.
[click here for a step by step rundown @ Tiny Apartment Crafts]

Really guys, make these for any Potter'head you know. I can't get over it.

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