15 December 2011

Animal Photo Shoot

I don't take animal photos every year. This year is my first Christmas with Hermy, and I figured she would be a lovely candidate for a Christmas Photo. Not to mention the fact that we both enjoy driving each other crazy, and a Christmas sweater and antlers is the perfect way to do that. She was unhappy the entire minute she was wearing the antlers, but content with a sweater. The dogs started interrupting and I drug them in, too.
 First, I want to take this time to Thank Mrs. Lynn (My A+ teacher, and awesome lady) for giving me a home studio kit. (which I used to take these photos) Such a sweet woman!
Enjoy these few photos of animal bloopers, and the chosen ones of the bunch.
The Final product of shoot one.

Final product of shoot two.

Final Product of Shoot Three.

My Mom and I used Cat treats on Hermy, and Cheese on the dogs. Neither ended up working very well, but I'm happy with the lol worthy photos I got out of the bunch.
P.s. Good news in life right now: I finished all of my busy work, and have only a couple finals to go. AND I'm going ice skating at crown center tomorrow. 
And Christmas is in 10 days!
Anything keeping giving you that excited feeling?

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  1. The black cat is so adorable! Great pics!


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