05 December 2011

Thrift store picture wall art DIY

This idea came from a blog post I read forever ago, and sadly enough I can't remember which blog it was from. It could've been Smile and Wave or A Beautiful Mess. If anyone knows leave a comment below so I can give credit where credit is due. My friend Melissa also messed around with the idea a while back and finally here I am giving it a go. It's pretty simple but I thought I'd elaborate a bit.

- Thrift store (or wherever I suppose) picture/painting. Not framed.
- Acrylic Paint
- Paint Brush
- Cup of water

Finding the perfect picture/painting can be hard if your looking, but when your not you'll probably see them everywhere. When you finally come across the one and the perfect lyrics/quote, get all of your stuff somewhere close, and make sure there isn't a two year old trying to sabotage your project.  I thought too hard about what super meaningful words to paint across my autumn scene, and then gave up. "The world spins madly on" is a favorite Weepies song of mine and after hearing it on it's normal rotation, I decided it was perfect.

After you go over your words so they are bold enough, you may have a few mess ups. Not to fret! A wet Q-tip will do the job of cleaning up those messes and making it look as perfect as you want. I myself like it to look like paint strokes, so I kept a lot of the edges messy.
And now find some pretty place to show of your under $10 (and maybe even $5) artwork.

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