05 December 2011

Room in Progress

 Do more of what makes you happy.
I feel that my room will be never-ending opportunity for designing. It will never be finished. Well I guess until I move within the next couple years. I still took this opportunity to make my room a little more of a happy place. Here are a couple before shots:
They were taken amidst the clearing out process of my room, so my room looks even more cluttery than usual. Also, picture a collage of random wall junk above the futon. Without the help of Jeffrey, and especially my moms, my room would have taken a week to paint.
There are still a few things I'm looking to change after the paint job. I still have a blank wall above my futon, and I haven't found anything to replace that ugly orange shelf. But I have my headboard figured out, and that's what's important, right? You may already know that my lens is all pooped out, but if not, excuse the photo quality.
 Everything pictured is what I love so far. (Minus the top photo, soon a coat rack will be in place of the orange shelf) The headboard kind of sets off the entire room. I'll go into a little more detail about it later. My (probably) favorite part is the "dress form" scarf holder. It use to have a stand and hold jackets and other things, but it broke and now I love it even more. (credit to my mother for telling me to hang it from the ceiling)
I feel comfy in here now. It's a work in progress, but that's what I love. More pictures to come as this little room of mine progresses. Anyone have any ideas for shelving?

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