08 January 2012

The Best Mac-n-cheese

Yes, it may only look like a normal bowl of macaroni and cheese, but this isn't just mac-n-cheese out of the box folks. This is homemade Panera macaroni, recipe from Panera Bread itself. Never had it? I recommend you run to your closest Panera and get some. Seriously, I could eat a ton. My mom and I eat it every time we're near there, and soon decided we had to try and make it. I googled it when we were out of possible ingredients and found the recipe that Panera claims to be the one
Now, this recipe isn't identical. I knew there had to be a catch when I saw the recipe posted online. We decided we didn't have enough sharp cheese, and ours cheese sauce got thicker. Either way, it was(and is, I am taking some for lunch tomorrow) the best macaroni from home.
Try it out, add more sharp cheese? Let me know how yours matches up. We're going to change some things next time and see what the result is. I will update with any further discoveries! (I feel that if you've tasted the stuff from Panera, you can understand my bit of excitement here)
Working on another post, stay tuned for something purple.

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