26 January 2012

Braided Headband DIY

When I put my braided headband on the other day, I realized I hadn't shared it with this blog. I posted on my other blog tumblr this time last year. Since they're so cute, I figured you guys would wanna know, (if you don't already) right? They're cute and easy and cozy!
I looked into the other post and realized I didn't source the right creator! My bad. I'm doing it now.  I'll tell you what you need then send you that way, that cool?

You'll need: Thick Yarn, Needle and thread or sewing machine, measuring tape, scissors

 - While cutting pieces, constantly check that they're each at least 60 inches long!
- Somehow I always always cut most of my pieces too short. I can't, for the life of me, get all of my strings even. If this happens to you and your braid is too short, sew your two ends a little further apart. It doesn't look bad, and it makes you less frustrated.
- Tie each end of the braid with a pony and play with it before you sew!
- This is cute on, but I think it's mostly for warming purposes. For a thinner, less bulky look, don't use as many pieces of yarn.

It's easy I promise! Try it out and send me photos!

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