26 January 2012

Finally a thrift trip worth sharing | Thrifty Thursday

For the past few weeks, I've only been sharing, and finding, small items that only get me excited for a minute. (Does this mean I have a problem? probably.) My last thrifting trip brought me treasures that I'm still excited about. As most thrifting stories start, Shelby and I were on a mission to thrift. I was sick, but no sickness can hold me back from a thrift trip to the city.
First, I found this lovely little typewriter. You may or may no know, I have a bit of an issue leaving any of these babies behind. I get so excited when I see a suitcase near all of the cameras and other electronic doohickies.
And although it may still be sitting in it's suitcase patiently waiting for a place to reside, I know it will have a place in my future homes. (along with the rest of the collection) Next, I came across these cute purses for 99 cents a piece. Both vintage, and one a lady's pride bag. gasp. Now would be a good time to introduce the green and yellow cushion they're laying on. I found that too, with no purpose in mind. Now Hermy uses it to sleep. purrrfect.
And last but definitely not least (at all) I found another Land Camera! Same film, working, case, and a few flash bulbs to start. $5. I always wonder who could ever just send these pretty cameras to a thrift store. Just getting rid of them. Then I take it back and silently thank them.
She's a beauty isn't she? I would've bought her even if she didn't work. Any good thrift finds this week? (Or months ago that you're still raving about?) Share them below! I love seeing everyone's treasures.
Happy Thursday guys, I'll be back tomorrow with a surprise!

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