25 January 2012

soft colors and a nice day // An Outift Post

Oh my I managed another outfit post this month! Today I was wearing multiples of my favorite things. That includes these adorable socks, shoes, and this doll-like dress. I had too much fun taking these photos, and the wind wasn't even making me eat my hair. I kept the originals, but added a pretty effect to make it look as whimsical as I felt. (The effect is Nashville and you can download it here for photoshop)
Dress: Deliahs | Shoes: Forever 21 | Tights: Forever 21 | Socks: Cargo Largo | Sweater: Rue 21
Yeah, I had a little bit of fun with it. It kind of turned into my own little photo shoot, and not just a quick outfit post. The puddle encouraged it all!


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